No matter how we celebrate the holidays, we all share a desire for connection and community.

For young people at-risk of homelessness, this time of year can be especially challenging. Nearly half have been physically abused by a caretaker, and many are also escaping sexual or emotional abuse.

Larkin Street provides not only housing for these young people, but also that sense of community that is so important to us all.

We are grateful for everyone in our circle who makes this work possible – staff, volunteers, donors and the young people themselves, who do so much to support each other.

In that spirit of kindness, we encourage you to do the same and engage with your community even – and especially – when your views differ. Come together and honor your connections, whether with families of origin or families of choice.

Most importantly, be good to each other, and commit to carrying this spirit beyond the holiday season.

Commit to kindness every day.


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