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Make a gift of stock

How to Make a Gift of Stock

Download these instructions here: How to Make a Gift of Stock

Making a gift to Larkin Street Youth Services through a transfer of stock is often very advantageous from a tax point of view, especially if you own appreciated stocks on which you will have to pay long term capital gains tax.  By making a gift of stock directly to Larkin Street, you may avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciation of stock, and will also realize an income tax deduction in the amount of the stock’s value on the date of the gift.

The process of making a gift of stock is simple. Before taking any action, please call Kathie Lowry, Chief Development Officer, so that we can track the stock transaction, at (415) 673-0911, ext. 301.  Then, ask your broker to transfer the stock directly to the Larkin Street Youth Services account with Comerica Bank. Our representative at Comerica Securities is Discount Brokers whom you may reach at 800-232-6983 to let them know that you want to make a stock transfer to Larkin Street Youth Services.

Our account number is P1R-335184 and our DTC number is #0443. The transferring agent will need these numbers, but brokers should not use the DTC number without speaking to Larkin Street’s representative first.

Your broker may also want to know Larkin Street’s tax identification number to substantiate that your gift will be tax-deductible.  Our tax ID number is 94-2917999.

Comerica Bank will notify Larkin Street of your gift and you should receive an acknowledgement from the office within two weeks of the beginning of the process.

If you or your broker have any problems or questions, or if you need any additional information either about this process or any of Larkin Street’s services to help homeless youth, please feel welcome to call Kathie Lowry, at (415) 673-0911, ext. 301.

Thank you!