Impact & Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Larkin Street’s early and continuing commitment to program evaluation has helped build our reputation in the field.  Ongoing data analysis, program evaluation, and outcomes measurement are critical components of Larkin Street’s efforts to develop and sustain innovative and relevant programs for the youth we serve.  The agency has been a leader among community based organizations in recognizing the importance of data to inform program development, both document effectiveness, and drive organizational decision-making.

Knowledge Leadership

Larkin Street strives to be a knowledge leader in the field of homeless youth services by sharing what we have learned over our more than 25 years of experience.  In addition to using data for internal purposes Larkin Street is also committed to using the information we collect through the course of service provision to inform the field of service providers and impact policy decisions.  The agency’s knowledge sharing activities include publications, technical assistance, conference presentations, and trainings.  These activities increase the knowledge base of service providers, support the development of sound programs, and inform the decisions of policymakers.  This ensures that homeless youth have programs and policies in place that provide the greatest opportunity for long-term independence and self-sufficiency.  The goal of the Knowledge Leadership Initiative is to extend Larkin Street’s impact beyond San Francisco and the youth we serve through program services.