Research and Evaluation Department

The Research and Evaluation Department is responsible for the data management functions of the organization, oversees program evaluation activities, and leads the agency’s knowledge leadership efforts.

Larkin Street collects a great deal of information regarding the youth we serve including demographics, services utilized, and program exit information.  This information is used for reporting, program evaluation, and outcomes measurement.  Larkin Street uses the data we collect to constantly reflect on and analyze how our programs are doing, where we have the greatest impact, how we can improve service delivery, and what we need to do to respond to the evolving needs of homeless and runaway youth. In addition, program data is used to inform our peers and policymakers on characteristics, presenting issues, and service needs of runaway and homeless youth

The department produces publications,  coordinates community and conference presentations, and provides technical assistance.

Annual Report on the Incidence and Needs of Homeless Youth in San Francisco
Youth Homelessness in San Francisco: 2014 Report on Incidence and Needs 

Articles from Larkin Street newsletters and e-letters
Trendlines: Creating Opportunities Through Education  – Sept, 2014


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