America is in the midst of an unprecedented homelessness crisis; over 2.5M youth are affected every year, and they’re the fastest growing demographic.

Only 17% of America’s millions of homeless youth are ‘visible’. While many people view homelessness as panhandling, begging, and sleeping on the street – in fact, the vast majority of those experiencing homelessness are invisible. They are sleeping in cars, in shelters, on the floors of friends of friend’s homes, and much worse. They are combating intense fear and shame. 40% of them identify as LGBTQ, and have been driven onto the streets by lack of acceptance. 72% have experienced violence, sexual and/or physical abuse.

The time has come to acknowledge their plight, and work towards change. We need your help.

Start from Here is a media campaign that aims to raise awareness about youth homelessness by highlighting three unexpected faces. Click here to hear their stories of resiliency and change.

Larkin Street needs YOU to make the Start from Here campaign reach across the nation.

The Start from Here campaign believes the opportunity to end youth homelessness now is unprecedented.  In 2010, the President set a goal to end youth homelessness by 2020, and to realize that goal, he has recently allocated extensive budgetary resources. HUD has been empowered to house an additional 67,000 families + youth, and the reauthorization of The Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act would reclassify over 1.3M homeless youth who are currently denied access to services. Experts agree the momentum and political will are aligned like never before.

In this campaign, we are joining four other organizations committed to making a difference in their local communities by addressing different aspects of the needs of homeless and economically disadvantaged youth: CHRIS Kids in Atlanta, General Assembly Opportunity Fund based in New York, Safe Place for Youth in Los Angeles, and The Harbour in Chicago.

Just as the programs and services of Larkin Street reflect, the campaign advocates that to transform their lives, youth need:

  • Basic needs met (nutrition + clothing + hygiene)
  • Access to stable, secure housing
  • Access to education, technical training, and/or employment opportunities
  • Access to mental and physical health + support services

Every day, Larkin Street and the Start from Here non-profit partners serve tens of thousands of homeless youth, providing the services listed above. Funds raised by Start from Here will empower us to serve exponentially more youth, more effectively.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about the campaign and how you can support efforts to create real, positive change across the country.