Larkin Street’s Youth Advisory Board is a six-month leadership and advocacy program dedicated to ensuring that youth voices and experiences are heard and prioritized across the agency. The Youth Advisory Board ensures that diverse youth expertise drives agency-efforts to improve policies and service delivery. In addition to work within Larkin Street, the Board participates in city and state-wide initiatives related to social justice issues impacting youth who are homeless or marginally housed.

This cohort of youth leaders has identified the following priorities for their advocacy and leadership:

  • Increasing peer-to-peer education of programs and services within and outside of Larkin Street.
  • Improving Larkin Street’s current grievance policy.
  • Enhancing bathroom access and inclusion for Trans & Non-Binary youth and staff.
  • Spearheading 2016 Election Voter Registration, Education & Mobilization, working with peers and adult allies to create sustainable change where youth feel their own power and their power is honored.

The passion, thoughtfulness, and critical analysis of the Youth Advisory Board drives its hard work and community impact. From working with agency leadership, to organizing a peer-led community board in Larkin Street’s Engagement and Community Center, to advocating at the State Capitol with the California Coalition for Youth, the Youth Advisory Board strives to create social, cultural and political change. This fall, a Get Out the Vote effort will combine voter registration, education, and mobilization activities to make it easier for youth to participate in the upcoming election.