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Education & Employment

How can someone succeed in school if she doesn’t know where she’ll sleep each night? How can a young person impress a potential employer if he doesn’t have a clean set of interview clothes? Likewise, how can a young person in San Francisco secure and maintain stable housing without a living-wage job? Education, employment, and housing are deeply linked and Larkin Street must address them concurrently to put homeless youth on a permanent pathway out of poverty. Larkin Street Academy is our comprehensive strategy to do so.

From temporary day labor opportunities to intensive, semester-long career- and college-readiness curricula, Larkin Street Academy gets young people thinking and planning for a future that includes work and school. Components of Larkin Street Academy include:

  • Youth Force, short-term, paid employment that teaches hard and soft skills needed to be successful on the job.
  • GED tutoring, trained tutors help youth prepare for the five-test GED exam.
  • A five-week Employment Training Program that teaches job search, interview skills, and career exploration.
  • Semester-long Learning Center curricula that prepare youth for careers in growth industries like healthcare, technology, and hospitality.
  • Counseling, tutoring, enrollment assistance, campus tours, and scholarships to demystify and support post-secondary success.
  • Paid internships with local merchants, community partners, and at Larkin Street to give youth hands-on work experience.
    • For inquiries on hosting a Larkin Street youth intern at your business, please contact Craig Lahti.
  • Art Program, offering youth therapeutic and career-based opportunities to explore their creativity through performing and visual arts. Click here to learn more.