Video: Assemblywoman Young Kim Visits Larkin Street

Larkin Street Youth Services started more than 30 years ago with a single drop-in center to address the issue of young people living on the streets.

Since then, we’ve expanded to offer a continuum of services that are necessary to help young people successfully transition into adulthood and have a permanent pathway out of homelessness.

In this video, California Assemblywoman Young Kim interviews our team and clients to learn more about how Larkin Street is ending youth homelessness:

Learn more about our programs and services here.

California’s Homeless Students: A Growing Population

On September 10th, 2014, the California Homeless Youth Project released California’s Homeless Students: A Growing Population. This brief identifies what is known about the size of California’s homeless youth population in the educational system and provides statewide data on the numbers of homeless youth by county and legislative district. The brief concludes with recommendations for improving educational success for homeless students and suggests ways to increase state and local capacity for data collection.