Youth Advisory Board

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The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is comprised of Larkin Street Youth Services clients who are dedicated to advocacy and leadership. They serve as a unified voice representing the Larkin Street client population by acting as liaisons between clients and staff. The board meets weekly to work on projects that support a positive client experience at Larkin Street and to participate in community events that directly impact San Francisco youth.

 YAB’s Mission Statement:

“We, the Youth Advisory Board of Larkin Street Youth Services, establish this board with the intention of bettering the lives of our fellow clients, improving the wellbeing of homeless youth throughout SF, and challenging the current social view on homeless youth.

Our goal is to promote transparency and youth involvement in Larkin Street Youth Services’ administrative policies, to help overcome common myths surrounding marginally housed and homeless youth, to assist other youth in identifying and overcoming barriers to exit street life, and to provide avenues to empower leaders to advocate.”