Housing. Healthcare. Education. Employment.

Tonight, more than 1,100 young people will find themselves on the streets of San Francisco through no fault of their own.

Tomorrow must be different—our collective future depends on it.

Since 1984, Larkin Street Youth Services has given more than 75,000 young people a safe place to rebuild their lives. We provide housing, education and employment training, and health and wellness supports to help these young people get off the street for good.


Homelessness Is Not A Choice

The reasons young people experience homelessness vary but for most, a simple fact remains: the streets were a better option, or their only option. Whether due to abuse, neglect, family rejection, poverty, or foster system involvement, the result is the same -- one in ten young people in America experience some form of homelessness in the course of a year. Larkin Street offers the housing, health, educational and employment opportunities young people need to reach their full potential.

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For Young People

Do you need a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, or help with school or job resources? The team at Larkin Street is here for you and happy to answer questions.

What We Believe

We believe that every young person deserves the same things we want for ourselves and our children: a stable home, happiness, health and meaningful work.

That’s why we provide more than just a bed for young people experiencing homelessness. We offer comprehensive services, from emergency shelter to supportive housing, to healthcare, education and employment, that help young people build a foundation for lifelong well-being.

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You Can Help

Our community is integral to our work to end youth homelessness. From volunteering, to sponsoring events, to donating, individuals and partner groups enable us to provide services at a higher level and to spend efficiently – a full 80% of funds we receive go directly toward our programs.

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The movement to #endyouthhomelessness

These folks and more are talking about Larkin Street and the work to end youth homelessness.


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