Meet Hayden, a gifted musician whose story reflects the profound impact of community support and its power to transform lives.

On the brink of homelessness, Hayden turned to us in a leap of faith. Our dedicated team at Larkin Street responded swiftly, offering not just shelter, but a place he could call home.

His apartment was a turning point. Each piece of furniture symbolized not just décor but a marker of stability and independence. More than just a roof, his home became his sanctuary and creative studio.

But our support didn’t stop at housing. Through paid employment training programs, we equipped Hayden with the means to achieve financial stability and hone his musical talent, enriching the vibrant arts scene in the Bay Area.

Despite hardships, Hayden’s spirit remained unbroken. This year, he looks forward to showcasing his progress at our Annual Performing Arts Night. Hayden now knows, “In life, you will always meet people who are willing to help, but you must be willing to put in the work.”

Hayden’s story is one of many, but 38% of all homeless youth in San Francisco identify as LGBTQ+. With your support, we can change the narrative for countless others. By donating today, you’re investing in the potential of young people like Hayden, inspiring more stories of hope and transformation.

This Pride Month, we’re calling on you to stand with us and support LGBTQ+ youth like Hayden. Your contribution will extend our ability to provide safe housing, employment training, and a community that cares.