Dear Friends,

On any one day, week or month there are certainly tragic events in our lives. But it seems over the past few weeks there’s been a disproportionate number, with the catastrophic fires in the North Bay, the Las Vegas shootings, numerous hurricanes in the U.S. and Caribbean, and earthquakes in Mexico. On top of this, the notable polarization and instances of racism in our communities has been disheartening.

In a time of tragedy, divisiveness, grief, and fear, we give our greatest thanks for your years of generosity, and we acknowledge how devastating the wildfires have been for many. We also acknowledge the incredible strength so many have shown, and continue to be inspired by the resilience and solidarity of our community.

All of us at Larkin Street are Team #SantaRosaStrong, Team #NapaStrong and Team #SonomaStrong! 

We share the pain and worry of both the current fires and the way this disaster can trigger those who have been displaced in the past. Taking advantage of support systems is crucial, and just as we encourage staff and youth here at Larkin Street to practice self-care, we do so for you, too.

For those affected, we hold you in our thoughts as we continue to focus on all young people affected by displacement themselves. If you are in need of services as a result of this disaster, get help here.

We will take care of ourselves, each other and our young people. We will remain strong.



Sherilyn Adams, Executive Director
Terry Kramer, Chair, Board of Directors