Huge thanks to KCBS Radio for featuring the new city-sanctioned Safer Sleeping Site in their “A Place to Shelter” series. We have partnered with the City of San Francisco and Homeless Youth Alliance to open a new city-sanctioned Safer Sleeping Site in the Haight Street neighborhood. With room for up to 40 tents, the site is an outdoor space for people living on the streets or in encampments to maintain social distancing while also having access to sanitation facilities, food, water, electricity, and support services.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Sherilyn Adams, Executive Director of Larkin Street Youth Services, which is helping run the site along with Homeless Youth Alliance, says ultimately, people need affordable, permanent housing. 

“The only way for folks to not be in tents in front of people’s houses is for them to have a place to live,” says Adams

For more on this topic, see KCBS Radio’s coverage.