In a remarkable display of community collaboration and compassion, AEC Cares recently embarked on a transformational renovation project at one of our emergency shelters, the Lark Inn. This project aimed to revitalize the facility, creating a safe and welcoming environment for young individuals experiencing homelessness. The impact of this renovation extends far beyond the physical changes made; it signifies a renewed commitment to supporting and empowering those in need.

AEC Cares brought together renowned organizations in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries and undertook the monumental task of renovating the Lark Inn from the flooring, to paint, shelves, and lighting.  This transformative makeover aimed to create a space that not only provides shelter but also instills a sense of dignity and hope.

During the renovation process, Mayor London Breed and Shireen McSpadden from the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) took the time to tour the space. Their presence was not only a gesture of support but also a source of inspiration, acknowledging the tireless efforts of the selfless volunteers.

The site tour was followed by a luncheon, providing a moment of respite and allowing everyone to reflect on the significance of their efforts. Inspirational speakers took the stage, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in addressing homelessness.

Our very own Sherilyn Adams set the tone with her unwavering commitment to making a difference. Shireen McSpadden, Executive Director of HSH, highlighted the intersectionality of housing and social support.

Chris Mandock, the Sales Director of West USG, and Bill Bellico, Vice President of Marketing and Inside Sales at Sika USA, underscored the importance of corporate responsibility and the integral role businesses play in fostering social change.

Mike Turner from YKK AP, and Nicki Stephens, Executive Director of AIACC, expressed their admiration for the transformative power of architectural design and its potential to create inviting spaces for those in need. Christian Barnes, a Larkin Street program participant, provided a heart-touching firsthand account of his experience and the positive impact of our programs on his life.

Finally, Jen Johnson, the President of AEC Cares Board of Directors, extended a sincere word of thanks to all the sponsors whose support had been instrumental in bringing the renovation to fruition.

No renovation of this scale would be possible without the generous support of sponsors. Their commitment and dedication to creating positive change are truly commendable.

The AEC Cares renovation of Larkin Street’s Lark Inn stands as a testament to the incredible impact that can be achieved through collaborative efforts. This transformational project not only provided a physical facelift to the building but also symbolized a renewed sense of hope and resilience for young individuals experiencing homelessness.

As we reflect on this extraordinary renovation, let us remember that by working together, we can break the cycle of homelessness and transform lives, one step at a time.