This Black History Month marks almost exactly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US, and nine months since George Floyd’s murder. While deep inequities, racism, and white supremacy have existed in our country for more than 400 years, this past year has been a tipping point. Changing the systems and structures that perpetuate racism and white supremacy—including within our own organization—is critical, and our executive team is committed to this ongoing work.  

In service of that work, we have invited and encouraged every member of the Larkin Street community to find an opportunity this month (and all year long) to learn something, honor someone, and celebrate the rich and essential contributions of Black individuals and communities throughout history and today.  

Noora Almajid, Associate Director of Youth Leadership, dedicated herself to identifying and sharing the inspirational stories of not only national historic figures, but of our own Black leaders at Larkin Street. Please click below to see Noora’s impressive weekly highlights sent to all our staff throughout Black History Month. 

This month – and every day – we celebrate the many youth of color that Larkin Street serves every year, including Shandra, Adaiah, Carmise, and Nohemi, who are not only building better lives for themselves but the world in which we all live. Please check out their videos! 

By uplifting these young people and their power to change the world, we hope you feel inspired by the youth we support every day and their contributions to the world once they move on from Larkin Street. 

In community, 

Sherilyn Adams