On August 10, we came together with our community partners Supervisor Matt Haney, Code Tenderloin, St. Anthony’s, Tipping Point, Megablack SF with award-winning artist Malik Senefru to create a mural in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

“Let’s recognize the large number of unhoused Black people navigating and residing in the Tenderloin, and let’s hurry up and house these people with dignity,” said Del Seymour, founder of Code Tenderloin, a nonprofit that serves the area’s residents. “This housing crisis is very rampant for black people all throughout San Francisco and all across America. We got black families living in tents, cars and shelters. We must not be quiet about the number of unhoused black people that the Tenderloin Community has.”

At a time where Black people across the Bay Area are facing an unprecedented crisis of displacement, criminalization and economic marginalization, we think it’s important to advocate for change. 

Read more about the mural painting event here: 

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