In February, Senator Butler’s visit to Larkin Street sparked a productive dialogue led by our CEO, Sherilyn Adams, and Chief of Programs, Candice Thomas. They discussed enhancing government support and finding comprehensive solutions for trafficking and homelessness. Senator Butler’s engagement underscored the transformative potential of collaborative efforts. 

Since 1984, Larkin Street has been supporting San Francisco’s youth, consistently evolving to address the root causes of homelessness with immediate shelter and long-term solutions. 

The dialogue was complemented in March when Larkin Street participated in two significant initiatives to support young people experiencing homelessness. Our team, consisting of Candice Thomas, Kelsey Pimental, Raionna Thompson, and Marnie Regen, represented us at the National Network for Youth’s annual Youth Homelessness Summit and Hill Day, advocating for crucial budget and legislative initiatives. 

Focusing on self-sustaining futures, Larkin Street’s programs emphasize education and employment, helping over 1,700 young people work towards independence and stability last year. 

Discussions with legislative aides from Senator Butler’s and Senator Padilla’s offices focused on increased funding and legislative sponsorship for Transitional Age Youth across California. Raionna’s leadership in a panel at the Youth Homelessness Summit on the Trust Youth Initiative, our Direct Cash Transfer pilot, showcased our commitment to fostering change through collective insight and action. 

Critical to our mission are key FY23 federal budget allocations: 

  • $146.28 million for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act of the Department of Health and Human Services 
  • $129 million for the McKinney-Vento program of the Department of Education 
  • $57 million for the Youth Homeless Demonstration Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development 
  • $25 million for Youth Homelessness System Improvement Grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development 

Our advocacy efforts at the Youth Homelessness Summit have highlighted the Trust Youth Initiative, a program that illustrates Larkin Street’s innovative approach to helping youth experiencing homelessness through direct cash transfers. 

With the support of community leaders like Senator Butler, we’re inspired to assist every young person in reaching their full potential, emphasizing the importance of mutual understanding, collaboration, and action. 

Driven by a vision where every young person receives the necessary support, resources, and opportunities to shape their future positively, our efforts ensure each individual is recognized for their resilience, potential, and unique contributions.