When Larkin Street launched our $10 million Growth Campaign, we promised to give young people experiencing homelessness more opportunity to achieve a permanent pathway off the streets.

This Campaign is part of a strategic shift in our work with young people. More than ever, Larkin Street aims not just to interrupt homelessness, but to end it.

To, date, we’ve raised more than $9.5 million of our $10 million campaign goal, and we’re asking for your help to cap it off!

We’re already on the cusp of this achievement thanks to an anonymous donor who has agreed to match every new or increased donation to our Growth Campaign, up to $300,000! That’s a dollar-for-dollar match, doubling your contribution to our work! The only catch – we must receive your gift by June 30.

Thanks to the donations we’ve already received, we’ve enhanced, expanded and deepened our work. Outcomes include:

  • A nearly 80% increase in education enrollments among our young clients
  • Double the number of young people hired into living wage jobs
  • A $10 million expansion in statewide resources for homeless youth as a result of our policy work
  • Increased staff salaries, updated technology, and renovated facilities, including our new headquarters and service hub at 134 Golden Gate Ave.

During a time of great uncertainty, we are committed to ensuring that our young people are cared for – no matter what. Double your impact on this issue today by making a gift to our Growth Campaign!

Remember, we must receive your donation by June 30 for our generous donor to match your gift. Thank you!


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