Dear Larkin Street family,

Demonization as a means to further disempower marginalized populations is as old as history itself. As LGBTQ+ individuals and leaders of Larkin Street Youth Services, we are alarmed by the demonization of queer and trans people across the nation and even here in our midst.

Our community’s strength and resilience are being tested; there are those who would have us silenced and re-ushered into the shadows we’ve fought long to dispel. During this month of Pride, we re-commit to advocating for equity and inclusion for all, especially young people who are being denied basic health treatment because of their gender expression.

We’ve been at the forefront of creating housing programs specifically attuned to the needs of queer and trans youth. Nearly two decades ago, our Castro Youth Housing Initiative was launched and more recently we introduced the first-ever housing program specifically targeted to trans youth. We have broadened and strengthened our behavioral and physical health capabilities to address the specific needs of these young people.

By creating safe spaces for all, we can help empower young people to achieve their full potential. Of course, none of this would be possible without your ongoing support. We are especially grateful to you, our allies, for your tireless encouragement. Together we are building a society where all are celebrated for their unique expression of humanity.

On behalf of the young people we serve, thank you for standing with us in the fight for safety, equity, and inclusion for all.

You are the force we need to succeed. 🌈🌈


Sherilyn Adams,
Executive Director

Eric Roos,
Board Chair