End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness

Start your impact at Larkin Street. Join our mission to address youth homelessness with compassion, advancing your career and championing young people’s strengths. We are dedicated to diversity, equity, and community potential.


This Is How We Roll

At Larkin Street, we embody compassion, integrity, and innovation to end homelessness among our community members. We value diversity and equity, fostering personal and communal growth. We facilitate spaces for mutual support and growth, addressing challenges related to race and gender. Our programs like ‘My Brother’s Keeper,’ LGBTQ+ groups, and networks for undocumented and monolingual youth, as well as our Womxn of Color group, enhance personal development and community belonging.

Restorative practices involve developing community and relationships. This approach includes those with a stake in the specific offense, aiming to collectively identify and address harms, needs, and obligations to heal and put things as right as possible.

Based on a strengths-oriented framework, trauma-informed care grounds itself in understanding and responding to the impact of trauma. The focus is on creating physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors, offering opportunities for survivors to regain control and empowerment.

Harm reduction, grounded in social justice and human rights, aims to reduce the negative consequences of behaviors like drug use and sex. This strategy meets people “where they are” without judgment, coercion, or discrimination, prioritizing any change that decreases harm over stopping a behavior.

An evidence-based, person-centered method, motivational interviewing guides communication and counseling to elicit and strengthen motivation for change.

Non-violent crisis intervention equips individuals with skills, confidence, and an effective framework to safely manage and prevent difficult behavior.

“The staff members at my housing site welcomed me like family, acknowledging the growth and progress I had achieved during my journey.”

Staff at Larkin Street, like Krista, provided essential support by recognizing and nurturing passions, such as dance and drag performance, through various programs. The facilities at the Engagement and Community Center (ECC) also proved immensely beneficial during this time.

Averaii, Program Participant Alum

“Larkin Street recognized this passion and provided me the platform to begin my journey as an educator.”

Staff member, Samantha, consistently provided a positive influence on Maiyah, always encouraging ambition without bias or projection. Maiyah was genuinely touched by Samantha’s presence at the Creative Labs graduation, making the moment even more special and memorable.

Maiyah Campbell, Program Participant

“I support breaking down any barriers that exist and helping our youth see that they have all of the tools they need to be successful… This is honestly my dream job.”

Raionna Thompson
Interim Director of the Trust Youth Initiative

“My job is rewarding. It’s interesting, challenging, and definitely feels like I’m making a difference in the world.”

Courtney Brown
Division Director of Youth Development

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  • Medical, dental, vision and long-term disability

  • Life insurance and an employee assistance plan (403B)

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation in your first year, increasing to 5 weeks by year five

  • 11 paid annual holidays, 2 floating holidays, and paid sick days

  • Paid sabbatical after 5 years of service

  • Professional development opportunities

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Larkin Street Program Sites

Larkin Street has 17 staffed program sites across San Francisco and Berkeley, and 37 scattered site units for our clients not living in congregate housing.

Larkin Street Program Sites

Larkin Street has 17 staffed program sites across San Francisco and Berkeley, and 37 scattered site units for our clients not living in congregate housing.