Many Larkin Street supporters have included us in their wills or with another type of legacy gift. Their foresight, and yours should you choose to join them, strengthens and helps ensure the future of Larkin Street.

We are especially grateful to you for a bequest, setting up a life income gift, or some other type of legacy gift. We’ll recognize your commitment by inviting you to join our Legacy Circle. We’ll recognize Legacy Circle members in our publications, and with invitations to special events. Anonymity is always an option.

If you would like information about remembering Larkin Street with your legacy gift please contact Gayle Roberts, (415) 673-0911 ext 301, [email protected].

Tax ID #94-2917999

Let Us Know

Your Charitable Bequest

Your charitable bequest is the most important type of gift for building Larkin Street’s future. When received, your bequest will be recorded as a gift to our endowment where it will strengthen the organization for future generations.

There are three types of bequests for you to consider. Residual bequests are often made after making specific bequests to relatives, friends and charities. Whatever remains after specific bequests (the residuary) can be given in percentage to charity and others.

When you place a specific or residual / percentage bequest in your will or living trust and notify Larkin Street, we will invite you to become a member of the Legacy Circle. If you are considering a restriction we encourage dialogue now to ensure that your wishes are met.

“I give, devise and bequeath to Larkin Street Youth Services, a nonprofit corporation of the State of California, tax ID #94-2917999, located at 134 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102,

Choose one:
1) The sum of $___________.”
2) __________ shares of stock in ________________Company.”, or
3) my real property commonly known as _________________.”

Residual / Percentage:
“I give, devise and bequeath to Larkin Street Youth Services, a nonprofit corporation of the State of California, tax ID #94-2917999, located at 134 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102, all the residue of my estate.” Or … “__% of my estate.”

“In the event of the death of any of the beneficiaries, I give, devise and bequeath to Larkin Street Youth Services, a nonprofit corporation of the State of California, tax ID #94-2917999, located at 134 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102, (specific or residual language as above).”

For more information: Gayle Roberts / [email protected]

Legacy Gifts

The vast majority of legacy gifts are made by bequest through a will or trust.

There are also life income gifts that provide you a steady stream of revenue, offer significant tax advantage, and ultimately benefit us.

Many types of assets, in addition to cash, can be used to make a legacy gift. We encourage you to work with your professional advisors and our staff experts to help you determine which type of legacy gift is best for you.

In addition, there are many types of legacy gifts you can easily make [6] without incurring the services of your professional advisor. All you need to do is fill out your provider’s paperwork for the following gifts:

  • IRA or pension plan
  • life insurance
  • stocks and bonds
  • savings / checking accounts
  • donor advised fund
  • commercial annuity

For more information: Gayle Roberts / [email protected]

Life Income Gift

Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts provide a gift to Larkin Street, income for life, favorable tax treatments, and other benefits.

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and a charity. A portion of the income you receive for life is free of tax. Annuities work best for those 70 and older – the older you are when making this type of gift, the more income you receive.

Charitable remainder trusts are similar to annuities, and are also more complex. Larkin Street can provide you information about each of these gifts and their many options.

For more information: Gayle Roberts / [email protected]

Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle acknowledges supporters who have made a legacy gift commitment to Larkin Street. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and ensure that young people of future generations will be able to rebuild their lives.

We honor Legacy Circle members through:

  • Acknowledgment in Larkin Street publications (unless you refer to be anonymous)
  • Invitation to special events

THANK YOU to these Legacy Circle members who are leaving a legacy gift to Larkin Street:

Suzi Alexander and Gary Stolzoff
John Andersen
The Estate of Virginia Arton
Lewis Byington
Bill and Marilyn Campbell
Jerome H. and Sylvia Cherin Trust
The Estate of Desmond Connor
Suzannah Cowell
The Estate of Carey W. Craig
The Estate of Jay Cuetara
Ray Cutino
Estate of Dorothy O. Dabney
The Estate of Leonie J. Darwin
The Estate of John Douimbia
Richard and Jean Eckert
Nancy and Phil Estes
The Estate of George T. Faulkner
The Estate of Donovan F. Foster
John Frankel and Victoria Willock
The Estate of Jeanne C. Frazee
The Estate of Fredric S. Freund
John Garfinkle
Gladstone/Sassoon Family Trust
William J. Gregory
Estate of Grace Mary Haire
Betha Ann Hoy Trust
Debbie and Blake Jorgensen
Catharine and John Kalin
Greg Kieber and Anne Etgen
Estate of Mr. Robert Kemp
The Estate of Josephine M. Kennedy
The Estate of Patricia Lamerdin
William Landau
Robert M. Landy Trust
Irv Lichtenwald
Richard J. Lipson Estate
Gary L. Lomax
Marcus Loy
Virginia McLellan
Leif Nielsen
The Estate of Michael O’Callaghan
Carla Oakley and Kevin McCarthy
Laura Powell and Chuck Byce
Rachel Randall-Jones
Eric Roos and Jack Richards
Jeanne M. Sears
Bryan Smith
Cameron Smith
William K. and Christy Steiner, in memory of Edwin H. Steiner
Swarzenski Family Revocable Trust
The Estate of Lauretta Vogelheim
The Estate of Florence Jean Watt
Allison Wysocki
David B. Zenoff and Janet N. Hunter
Karen Barnes
Anonymous in Honor of Thomas B. Dey

as of May 10, 2023

If you have already made your legacy gift or are considering making a legacy gift, please let us know by clicking the button below.

For more information: Gayle Roberts / [email protected]


Marilyn and Bill Campbell: Founding Members & Lifelong Volunteers

Marilyn and Bill Campbell originally hail from the East Coast and met in college in Springfield, Massachusetts. But their hearts are truly in San Francisco. Bill, along with others from Old First Presbyterian Church, founded Larkin Street in the early ‘80s and served on its board of directors for many years. In 2009 the Volunteer Center recognized him with its Nonprofit Board Leader Award.

Marilyn has been supporting Larkin Street as a full-time volunteer engaged in cultivation events and Larkin Street’s major fundraising events, as well as building relationships and connecting new supporters. She is the 2010 recipient of Larkin Street’s Jay Cuetara Volunteer of the Year Award.

Their Christian faith has strongly informed their beliefs and values throughout their lifetimes. Their professional careers have included large doses of volunteer work for nonprofits. Larkin Street is pleased that both Marilyn and Bill remain actively involved with us.

They would like to pass on many values to future generations of family, Larkin Street supporters and others in their networks. Chief among these is gratitude. And some of the blessings they have experienced in their lives. Other values include honesty, integrity, caring for others, respect and honoring people where they are. Their legacy gift through their estate, and their heritage of direct involvement, will help future Larkin Street generations become independent and successful.

Free and Easy Legacy Gifts

There are many types of legacy gifts that are simply a matter of filling out your provider’s paperwork. Here’s the list:

  • IRA or pension plan
  • life insurance
  • stocks and bonds
  • savings / checking accounts
  • donor advised fund
  • commercial annuity

The key to setting up these gifts is contacting the institution that holds your asset. Ask them for a beneficiary form. Some firms refer to them as a designation form. Yet others as a “payment on death” form.

It’s important to remember that when you fill out the form, and you also have language in your will or living trust about the same asset, if there is a discrepancy, the form takes precedence over the will or trust. This is because you have a contract with the firm, and that form fits within the scope of the contract. The will or trust does not.

For more information: Gayle Roberts / [email protected]