Our thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for highlighting the achievements of young people through the Young Adult Court, a program that helps young defendants facing non-violent felonies.

The program was founded on studies suggesting that young adults’ brains are not fully developed, causing some people to commit crimes without fully processing the weight of their decisions. With rehabilitation and proper guidance instead of imprisonment, young people can move on to successful, independent lives.

Larkin Street works with the Young Adult Court to provide jobs for young people in these programs.  Last June, 14 young people graduated from the Young Adult Court, including Gabrielle, who got a job through one of our internship programs.

Here is a quote from San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón:

“When I look into their faces, I see a reflection. I know how it is to grow up in a poor, immigrant neighborhood. There are so many odds against you. There is a theoretical piece to this program, because traditional methods don’t work. But there is an emotional, personal piece to it that has to do with my very own upbringing.”

For more, read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.