As Black History Month unfolds, Larkin Street takes great pride in highlighting the incredible contributions of our Black staff members. Among the standouts are Linease Buckner, Kenyaun Christie, and Ruth Alexander.  

Linease Buckner, Program Manager, Turning Point
Linease joined Larkin Street in August 2022 playing a pivotal role in the critical phase of taking over our first housing program in Berkeley. Her dedication ensured a seamless shift, embodying compassion, and commitment. Throughout the renovation of the housing site, Linease actively supported other housing programs, collaborating with various teams helping them boost productivity and outcomes. 

In her own words, Linease emphasizes the importance of growth, learning, and adaptability.

“Adapting to diverse environments and staying open to learning and feedback have been crucial to my development,” she says.

Her advice to those starting their careers is to embrace every opportunity, seek mentorship, and value the power of networking.

Kenyaun Christie, Associate Director, Housing Programs
Kenyaun Christie joined Larkin Street before the pandemic hit, and Larkin Street’s expansion began. His leadership was crucial in helping us navigate through these tough times, keeping our services strong for the youth we serve. 

During the pandemic, Kenyaun’s commitment ensured our programs continued without interruption. Now, as we expand, his leadership is helping us grow and improve our housing initiatives. 

Kenyaun believes in the power of believing in oneself and being patient. His advice?

“Believe in yourself. It’s a long journey, so take it one step at a time.”

His hard work and dedication are inspiring and help push our mission forward. Kenyaun’s story shows how important leadership and dedication are, especially during challenging times. 

Ruth Alexander, Senior Managing Director of People, People’s Team
Our Senior Managing Director of People, Ruth, has been with her partner Roosevelt for 29 years, nurturing a family that includes daughters Sydney, a professor, and Samantha, an HR Business Partner. Her personal life reflects the same dedication and love she brings to her role at Larkin Street. 

With over 30 years in HR, Ruth has worked with diverse companies, showcasing her ability to listen, plan, and lead effectively. Her experience is vital to our organization, helping us grow and serve our community better. Ruth’s advice to newcomers is simple yet powerful:

“Stay positive, listen, and learn. Always strive to be better than you were the day before.”

These words embody her approach to both life and work, emphasizing growth and inspiration. Ruth is inspired by her family’s strength and the Mamba Mentality’s core values: fearlessness, relentlessness, passion, obsessiveness, and resilience. As we celebrate her contributions this Black History Month, Ruth’s story inspires us all to aim higher and push further. 

Stay tuned for more youth and staff highlights as we continue to celebrate the achievements of our Black team members throughout Black History Month.

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