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Sherilyn Adams
Executive Director

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Carol Hunter
Chief Financial Officer

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Martha Mar
Chief of Programs

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Gayle Roberts
Chief of Development

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Melissa Johnson
Chief of Talent and Equity

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Ilsa Lund
Chief of Strategy

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Scott Rodriguez
Executive Assistant

Extended Senior Management Team

Alisa Albee
Division Director of Client Practice and Clinical Services

Courtney Brown
Program Director, Larkin Street Academy

Noah Halton
Director of Impact

Claire Hatamiya
Director of Employee Development and Training

Ruth Nuñez
Division Director of Youth Development

Gary Intersimone

Ron Piccinni
Director of Information Technology

Marnie Regen
Director of Public Funding

Maloa Maloa-Taulealo
Director of Engagement Services

Kevin Taylor
Director of Facilities

Candice Thomas
Division Director of Housing and Operations

Cynthia Villalon
Director of Grants and Contracts