The importance of home has never been more apparent. Under Shelter-in-Place, our homes have become our offices, gyms, restaurants, and most importantly sanctuaries. Your home quite literally determines your survival during a pandemic. But on any given night there are more than 1,100 young people on the streets of San Francisco without a safe place to shelter. Young people like Jessie, have chosen to take on these new challenges and advocate not only for themselves but for their peers who are not currently housed.

“Being in shelter-in-place has made me really appreciate having a space in the world that’s my own. These four walls mean the world to me.”

Since 1984, Larkin Street has provided housing, health care, education and employment programs young people need to build a stable future and go after their dreams – and these services are needed now more than ever.

LEVEL UP with Jessie and support young people experiencing homelessness today.