11 years ago, retired software engineer, Greg Kieber, found a new purpose at Larkin Street.

“I feel like I’m helping them, I’m helping the organization move forward and that’s really what I want to do. I feel committed to this place; I want to help this place succeed. I feel like I have passion for the mission.”

Greg has been instrumental in helping us reach this goal by doing whatever is needed to help our clients and our agency succeed.

He started out volunteering at the front desk, then transitioned to helping young people with resume writing, and now he is in the IT department – streamlining and upgrading services and systems.

“I’ve observed the impact that our organization has on our clients. How it’s helped them overcome homelessness or drug addiction. When I see the positive impact we can have on clients, it just makes me feel like this is something I really want to be involved in.”

Our reputation is also what lured Greg to our agency. He knows any nonprofit would have been lucky to have him, given his skill set. But he found a match with us namely because of our clients.

“The fact that there are so many youth that are suffering through homelessness and all of the terrible things they’re going through, I just think it could have destroyed so many people. The fact that they were able to persevere through this, it says so much about you, as a person, that you were able to pull yourself up and do these things. It’s amazing, I’m awe struck by them.”

Greg recalls one memorable meeting with a young person when he first started volunteering here.

“I got a chance to meet young people who were just coming in off the street, and they would tell me stories like, ‘I’m from Florida and my parents kicked me out of the house because I’m gay. I needed to find a place where I would be accepted for who I am, and I found Larkin Street.’”

Being an agent for change has been a calling. Greg dedicates 15-20 hours a week to us. And he will continue to do so, for as long as possible.

“We’ve had lives that were blessed, and I feel like because of that I want to give back. I feel like life has been good to me, this country has been good to me, it’s time for me to repay that debt so to speak.”