Dear Friends,

Spring is a time of anticipation: from warmer weather to upcoming graduations. This year, we’re also anticipating significant social, economic and political changes.

Many of you have asked recently how the President’s proposed discretionary budget will affect our work. The truth is, we don’t know yet. For example, Congress typically makes changes to the President’s proposal, while mandatory government spending is determined by existing laws.

How this plays out could have dramatic impacts on Larkin Street and our young people, whether directly, through cuts to HUD or other federal departments, or indirectly, if there are changes to health care options, for example.

Despite our deep concerns, we will not be deterred from our work to end youth homelessness. We’ll move forward as we always have, working closely with federal, state and city allies to mitigate the impact of any reductions.

We will keep you posted as updates are available – be sure to connect with us via email for the latest.

As always, we focus on hope – and I’m happy to share there are several things that make me hopeful! For one, the $2.9 million Homeless Youth Demonstration Project grant for San Francisco from HUD, which is not at risk under the proposed federal budget. We’ve also held many amazing events over the last several months that have raised funds and friends for Larkin Street; click to see photos of them including our Paving the Way Gala, Golf Tournament, Tech in the City and Friends of Larkin Street Ice Skating Party.

In times of uncertainty, we rely on all of you more than ever, and we’re never disappointed. Recently, a generous member of the Larkin Street community offered to match every donation to our Growth Campaign, up to $300,000! More info on this chance to double your impact can be found at this link.

You can trust that Larkin Street will keep working hard for the young people of San Francisco and beyond. We believe that every young person deserves the same things we want for ourselves and our children – a safe place to live, happiness, health and meaningful work. Larkin Street’s model to end youth homelessness, through comprehensive housing, health, wellness, education and employment training – is proven: three out of four young people who complete our intensive programs leave street life. Visit our blog for more highlights of our recent work.

Thank you for your support of Larkin Street, now and in the future.


Sherilyn Adams
Executive Director

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