When Lily Lee was just five years old, she learned that some kids don’t have parents to take care of them. Heartbroken, she decided to use her birthday money to buy gifts for foster kids. Now 12 years old, Lily continues to give to young people in need including those at Larkin Street. Every holiday season, she works to raise funds and then looks for great deals to provide clothing and gifts, helping make sure that young people experiencing homelessness get presents too.

As usual this year, Lily dropped off dozens of bags of new clothes for young people in our programs. She estimates she dedicated at least 100 hours to her work, bringing in more than $11,000! When she’s not busy fundraising, Lily enjoys tumbling and playing the guitar.

“If I don’t help, who else is going to do it?” said Lily. We feel the same and are so grateful to Lily and her family for all their hard work to support young people reaching their potential!