At Larkin Street, we are outraged by the violent, targeted attacks and anti-Asian sentiment happening all around us.

“New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have all seen a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the onset of the pandemic.” Even so, these numbers are estimated to be even higher and underreported. Out of the 3,000 reported incidents, half have occurred in California – this is disturbing and unacceptable.

We join President Biden in denouncing these attacks as un-American and demanding an end.

Having the largest and strongest Chinatown in the country, San Francisco is home to a significant Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) population, who are a vital part of our Larkin Street family.

We all need safe places to live, work, and play, but this is particularly important for young people. As a community, we must value the ALL youth of color if we are to truly end youth homelessness.

Thus, we have compiled a variety of resources here: books, articles, podcasts, online events, other organizations taking action, which we hope will inspire you to take a stand against this violence, learn more about our diverse San Francisco community, and how we can better support our AAPI neighbors.

Educational Resources:
(provided in a NBC News article published March 10 by Kate Lý Johnston): ·

Local Organizations:

Upcoming Virtual Events:

AAPI Solidarity #JusticeForVicha Rally
Hosted by Stand For Asians Solidarity
March 22 at 8:30am PST

Lecture: Anti-Asian Violence and Black-Asian Solidarity Today
Hosted by Asian American Writers’ Workshop
March 23 at 3pm PST

Asian-Black Solidarity Towards Racial Justice & Healing
Hosted by Healing Equity United
March 24 at 1pm PST

AAPI Youth Rising Rally
Hosted by Mina Fed
March 28 at 2pm PST

Image by Ringo Chiu AFP Getty Images