We are thrilled to share that Larkin Street expanded its Behavioral Health team by hiring three new clinicians this year! The behavioral health department promotes mental health, emotional resilience, and wellness throughout Larkin Street with programs including one-on-one consultations, groups, and staff training and development.

Behavioral health services are key in our continuum of wraparound support helping young people move past homelessness. 47% of young people at Larkin Street report current or prior mental health issues including depression, anxiety, substance use , grief over the loss of a loved one, relationship conflicts, and other personal or emotional concerns.

“Larkin Street gave me permission to pursue any and everything I see myself becoming. I now realize I can be whoever I want to be,” program participant, Ingraa, said. Ingraa came to Larkin Street aware of her need for an in-depth help to heal the trauma she had experienced and our mental health and counseling services provided that support for her.

Our Behavioral Health team helps young people cope with these experiences so that they can focus on reaching their goals including work, school, and general wellness.

“With therapy, building relationships is everything,” says Larkin Street’s Director of Behavioral Health, Shellena Eskridge. Before the team expansion, that proved to be a challenge for the small team. Hiring three more clinicians has allowed them to offer services on a drop-in basis, building rapport with young people who aren’t yet ready for deeper services. The team also now has the capacity to travel to each of our 13 facilities across the City, providing support when and where young people need it.

We’re proud to offer these expanded behavioral health services and help ensure even more young people have the support they need to go after their dreams.