Young people dazzled the crowd at our Art Program’s annual Performing Arts Night at Kelly Cullen Community as they showcased their talents ranging from dance, music, theater and poetry. Every performance was a testament of their resiliency, courage, creativity and we couldn’t be prouder.

We would like to acknowledge the following young people for putting together a moving and entertaining performance! And visit the links to listen to the artists’ original pieces!

Kevin A.R. (Yunu Yuca Ninu and Ensemble Theatre Workshop Performance Piece, Burn it Blue),  Oscar Contreras (Yunu Yuca Ninu), Keo ( Ensemble Theatre Workshop Performance Piece), Johnny (Ensemble Theatre Workshop Performance Piece), Larissa Candace (Bleeding Love), Leilani Sabugo (Behind the Shadows, Theatre Ensemble presents Dangerous Love: Shakespeare Revisited), Noah (Runaway Train), Tommy (Runaway Train), Bella (Theatre Ensemble presents Dangerous Love: Shakespeare Revisited, Improv and Chill), Nandi “StillNappy” (Improv and Chill, Lighthouse), Sasha “Xashadelic” (Improv and Chill, Slipety Slop, Dehydration), Raheem (Raheem’s Paradise), Nataka (Improv and Chill), Collin (Improv and Chill), Cierra (A Party in Asia), Kween (Black Sunflowers), Lil Puff (Favorite), Smoky Lary (Slipety Slop), JNY V (Lighthouse), Reaper (Darkness Rising), Bles’d (Kick It), Sam K (Punching Bag).

Huge congratulations to the Art Program for making this amazing night happen. Extending our gratitude to Kelly Cullen Community, Theatre of Others and the entire Production Team: Producer/Director, Krista DeNio, Co-Emcees Rye Purvis and Nandi Johnson (Music Production Intern), our house artists: Brian Kolm (animations), Ben McClintock (audio, music), Radhika Rao (theater improv), Kiki Lipsett (voice and piano), Kathy Kefalas (costume/design), Skywatchers, staff, volunteers and finally, big thanks to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for their ongoing support of our Arts Program!

Click on any photo to enlarge and view the gallery! Photography by Dace Hines.