Our annual Performing Arts Night was a success! We are so proud of our young people for mustering the courage to perform in front of a crowd to create an entertaining and inspiring night for us. This year’s theme, “Passion to Overcome,” showcased their hard work, great talents and passion for arts and music.

The following nine performances reflected creativity and effort from our young people: Aubrey Haynes (A Celebration of Black Lives in the Media), Larissa Thornton (Vision of Love / Shake it Up mash-up), James and Collin (Structured Improvisation, drums and guitar), Clinton Brand aka CBIII (Goodbye For Now), Sasha Konig, Collin Pedersen, Kevin AKA Buddha, James Burris, Larissa Thornton (Theater Improv), Sasha Konigs (Ash, original song), Fabian Urista (Falling Slowly, cover), Jeff Curry aka Reaper (Dark Shadows, piano), Samantha Kuykendall (Human Experience, dance).

Thanks to Martha Mar, Chief of Programs, Krista DeNio, Youth Advisory Board and Art Program manager and Collin Pedersen, Youth MC, for helping create this night! We also want to thank each of the members of our team for their specific contributions:
Projection Design: Brian Kolm
Sound Editing and Coaching: Ben McClintock
Vocal Coaching: Kiki Lipsett
Performance Coaching: Gabriel Christian
Choreographic Coaching: Krista DeNio
Theater Improvisation Coaching: Radhika Rao
Costume Support: Kathy Kefalas
Music and Performance Mentoring: Collin Pedersen
Production and Stage Manager: Krista DeNio
Lighting Design: Ashley Munday
House Manager: Glenn Havlan

Lastly, special thanks to our sponsors and community partners for making this night possible, including the William Flora and Hewlett Packard Foundation, Bandworks and Phil Estes, Kelly Cullen Community for the event space, and Theatre of Others, The Resident Community at Kelly Cullen. We also appreciate our friends from Alaska Airlines volunteering to help make sure the evening went off without a hitch!

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support for our young people! We hope to see all of you next year!