PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: The primary role of the Assisted Care Registered Nurse is to oversee functions relating to the direct care of persons with HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Mental Health and other health–related illnesses. This includes working collaboratively with community partners and providers to ensure coordination of care. The Assisted Care Registered Nurse is responsible for ensuring that all medical policies and procedures conform to licensing standards set forth by the State of California. The Assisted Care Registered Nurse provides staff trainings, both in group settings and individually, or on a variety of topics related to the health needs of the residents.                                      


  • Assist in evaluating potential new residents for medical appropriateness for the program. This may include medical records, consultation with primary care providers, and assessment of the applicant
  • Perform comprehensive nursing assessments of the residents of the Assisted Care program with regard to physical and functional status
  • Draw routine HIV labs, as well as routine STI specimen collection per MD standing order for clients
  • Hold weekly health education groups with Clients at Assisted Care.
  • Assist Case Management staff to develop the health-related goals on a clients Case Plans and participate in Client Success Network Meetings as requested
  • Provide ongoing instruction and guidance to non-medical direct care staff regarding the physical care of the residents
  • Participate/lead the development of clinical protocols and health clinic policy/procedure as appropriate
  • Ongoing assessment of the residents’ physical status and intervene as appropriate. Communicate with primary care and other providers regarding individual clients, changes in health status, medication and health regimes, and coordinates primary medical care and treatment adherence services, utilizing the LCR and other necessary tools
  • Maintain an updated medications list for each resident and notify the primary care provider of side effects of medications and other issues related to the clients’ medication regimes. Provide education to clients and staff regarding medication regimes
  • Coordinate and monitor the documentation of medication assistance for all residents a specified by RCF-CI regulations. This includes monitoring the assistance with the surveillance of controlled substances


  • In conjunction with the Case Managers, coordinate client discharges from the hospital back to the Assisted Care Program
  • Work with the community providers to ensure that the service and health care needs of the clients are sufficiently met
  • Maintain compliance with the nursing and health related RCF-CI regulations and assist with health-related Quality Assurance activities at Assisted Care
  • Provide support and oversight to Residential Counselors in keeping client records and paperwork up to date in compliance with licensing standards


  • Requires ability to lift, transfer, push/pull, maneuver, and reposition 25 lbs
  • Ability to reach, bend and walk
  • Finger manipulation
  • Ability to comprehend complex materials
  • Ability to speak and write English clearly and accurately
  • Proficient at venipuncture/blood draws
  • Ability to speak in front of large groups
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite


  • Bachelors of Nursing Degree


  • Licensed by the State of California
  • Public Health Certificate desired
  •  Experience in providing counseling, psychosocial support, and/or health services to young adults who are living with HIV/AIDS and/ or experiencing homelessness
  • Experience in working with youth with mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Experience working with Gay, Bisexual, Queer, MSM and/or Trans*/GNC identified young people is preferred
  • Must also have ability to work with high-risk youth and with diverse staff, clients, and volunteers
  •  Experience doing youth work is highly desired, especially at-risk, homeless or runaway youth