Last month, we marked a significant milestone for our Mission Inn housing site: its one-year anniversary. This occasion wasn’t just about the passage of time, but a celebration of resilience and the incredible power of community collaboration.

Over the course of its first year, Mission Inn has become more than just a housing initiative; it’s transformed into a sanctuary for 46 young people. Beyond providing shelter, we’ve navigated complex immigration matters, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients during critical medical appointments, and instilled a sense of responsibility through rent savings contributions.

The Mission Inn program has been an enlightening journey for all. Its lessons have resonated deeply with our dedicated staff and the incredible youth we serve. We’ve learned about the resilience of the human spirit and the wonders we can achieve when we come together as a cohesive community.

This milestone wouldn’t have been what it was without the tireless efforts and steadfast support of Dolores Street Community Services. Their commitment to our shared vision and mission has been the bedrock on which Mission Inn’s foundations stand.

As we reflect on this journey, a little over a year now, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and optimism. We’re grateful for the bonds forged and the successes achieved. And we’re optimistic about the road ahead, knowing the potential of what we can achieve together.

To Mission Inn – a testament to dreams, empowerment, and transformative change. Here’s to cherishing our past accomplishments and eagerly awaiting the many more to come.