2324 Winter Campaign Banner with Averaii and Krista

Averaii’s journey from the struggles of homelessness and substance use to a life of stability, work in a nonprofit, and vibrant drag performances, is a testament to the transformative power of your support. Their success is our shared victory. 

Yet, the challenge remains. With over 1,000 young people still on the streets and only 500 beds at Larkin Street, your holiday gift can make a monumental difference. 


Aiding Youth on the Streets with Urgent Support and Helping Youth Like Averaii to Achieve Lasting Stability

Basic Survival Pack

$50 - Basic Survival Pack

A durable, insulated water bottle, a pair of warm socks, and a beanie.

$100 Donation - Urban Essentials Kit

$100 - Essentials Kit

Everything in the Basic Survival Pack plus a waterproof, foldable poncho, and a reusable, insulated meal container.

$150 Donation - Extended Support Pack

$150 - Extended Support Pack

Everything in the Urban Essentials Kit plus a high-quality, durable backpack and a fleece-lined hoodie.

$250 Donation - Community Outreach Collection

$250 - Community Outreach Collection

Weather-resistant clothing, hygiene kits, prepaid phone cards, portable chargers, and transit passes.

$300 - Safe Shelter Package

Temporary shelter, essential living supplies, and access to counseling or guidance services.

$500 - Educational and Living Support Kit

Enrollment in a GED or vocational training program, including course materials, and two weeks of temporary housing with necessary amenities.

$1000 - Path To Independence

A month of housing in a supportive environment, complete enrollment in an educational or vocational training program, a mentorship and counseling program.

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You are not just donating; you are investing in the guardians of tomorrow. Together, our dedicated supporters and the resilient youth we serve are unlocking the door to a brighter tomorrow. By uniting this holiday season, your contributions are not just aiding young lives today – they’re shaping a more hopeful future for ALL.