We’re thrilled to announce today that Larkin Street was selected as one of the inaugural grantees of the new Dropbox Foundation!

The Dropbox Foundation partners with organizations that defend human rights around the world. Larkin Street was the only San Francisco non-profit selected, placing us in the excellent company of worldwide organizations like WITNESS, GOAL and War Child UK, that focus on human rights. This focus closely aligns with our own mission of helping young people experiencing homelessness move off the street by nurturing their potential and dignity.

The Dropbox Foundation’s approach to philanthropy is different than most foundations. First, it is providing unrestricted funding. Many gifts to non-profits are restricted, meaning they can only be used for certain purposes — for example, housing or education programs. The Dropbox Foundation recognizes that we are the experts in deploying limited resources efficiently and effectively, and their unrestricted grant will allow us to direct funds to where they are most needed at any given time.

In addition, the Dropbox Foundation will match us with Dropbox employee volunteers who have the skills to address operational needs such as technology, marketing and human resources. Skilled volunteerism allows us to leverage two of Dropbox’s greatest assets: human capital and specific expertise. Investments in infrastructure and operations are essential to any high-performing non-profit, and we so appreciate the Dropbox Foundation’s investments in ours.

Our sincere thanks and congratulations go out to everyone all involved with the Dropbox Foundation. We’re thrilled to be part of the first group of amazing partners.


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