As America becomes more and more of an unsafe place for trans youth every day, Larkin Street is committed now more than ever to protecting their rights and providing a safe space for transgender young people. Although California is a sanctuary for trans youth, other states are passing legislation restricting or banning healthcare access, including gender-affirming care.

As always, Larkin Street will continue to protect LGBTQ+ youth. We’re committed to supporting the transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse community through our housing programs dedicated to trans and non-binary youth. We also have dedicated housing for LGBTQ+ youth through our Castro Youth Housing Initiative (CYHI) and Denslow Houses. In 2018, we opened the first-ever housing specifically for trans youth. To further our commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ youth, we’re excited to announce the addition of a new rental subsidies program for LGBTQ+ youth to our CYHI program.

Additionally, our AC/AC program continues to operate for HIV+ young people and those at high risk of HIV+ . We have also expanded our collaboration with St. James Infirmary to provide rental subsidies for trans youth and adults through the “Our Trans Home” program.

We continue to offer gender-affirming healthcare and wellness services, ensuring trans youth can care for their mental and physical health. In addition to healthcare, we have education and employment programs to support trans youth professionally

While there is still much more work to be done to protect trans youth across the country, Larkin Street remains committed to providing essential services and ending transgender youth homelessness for good. We call on our supporters to advocate for LGBTQ+ young people. Your allyship is needed now more than ever.