Greg Kiebler HeadshotAt the 6th Annual Larkin Street Golf Tournament on October 5th, we acknowledged volunteer Greg Kieber for his service at Larkin Street. Why at the Golf Tournament? Because the 2011 golf tournament was Greg’s very first gig as a Larkin Street volunteer. Four years later, he has made an incredible impact at Larkin Street, from supporting instructors in the classroom to helping out at fundraising events, working on complicated systems improvement projects, and even serving on the Golf Committee. Greg is a familiar face around Larkin Street because he’s here more than one day per week. We’re really grateful to have him on our team. Thank you Greg!


Craig Lahti Cleaning SidewalkCraig Lahti, Manager of Education & Employment for Larkin Street Academy,  finds ways to “go the extra mile” every day – from washing the front sidewalk before 8 am wearing a button-up shirt to “passing along the good” when it comes to clients, staff, and neighbors.

Recently Craig’s professional measure of caring included Michael, a regular tent neighbor, who disappeared unexpectedly one April morning while breaking down his tent.  Craig got permission to keep Michael’s tent and belongings for 30 days.  Michael returned in the nick of time to collect his tent wearing a helmet and to tell Craig that he was in residential treatment thanks to a by-stander calling 911.

Michael thanked Craig profusely for caring and being one of the people who saved his life AND he donated his tent to St. Anthony’s, another neighbor, since he “wouldn’t be needing his tent any longer”.