About Us

Larkin Street Youth Services is a nonprofit empowering young people to move beyond homelessness. Founded in 1984, we've helped over 75,000 young adults in San Francisco by providing a continuum of healthcare, housing, employment, and education services.

As San Francisco’s largest nonprofit provider for young people experiencing homelessness, we are supported by private donors including foundations, corporations, and individuals, as well as government funding. We're  also part of the movement to end youth homelessness on a national scale through policy partnerships with national organizations and fellow nonprofits.


Vision and Mission:



To end youth homelessness by making it rare, brief and one time.



To create a continuum of services that inspires youth to move beyond the street.

We nurture potential, promote dignity and support bold steps by all.

Who We Help

On any given night in San Francisco, more than 1,100 young people are on the city’s streets without a safe place to call home, often through no fault of their own. Many more are hiding in plain sight: couch surfing, living in cars or abandoned buildings, or participating in the street economy for a place to sleep.

While every young person’s story is unique, there are common themes around trauma, family violence, job disruption, and housing instability. From outreach and housing to health, education, and employment, Larkin Street offers the comprehensive services a young person needs to end the cycle of homelessness and create a permanent pathway out of poverty.

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Our Results

The heart of our mission is not to interrupt homelessness, but rather to end it permanently for those in our care. Our work is internationally recognized and sets a high standard for innovative and effective care for young people experiencing homelessness. Larkin Street consistently achieves proven, measurable results, including:

  • Three out of four youth who complete Larkin Street’s programs exit street life.
  • More than 80% of funds raised go directly to support our programming.
  • For every dollar that Larkin Street invests in changing the trajectory of a young person's life, society yields eight times that amount in saved costs or social benefits (Bain & Co., 2009).


A History of Innovation

What began as a volunteer-run drop-in center and modest street outreach program launched by concerned neighbors in the early ’80s is now a city-wide continuum of care serving thousands annually.

This spirit of innovation continues today and is embodied in the goals of our strategic plan, which aims to deepen and diversify our efforts with the youth we serve.

Learn more about Larkin Street’s robust history in our publications by Bill Campbell:

Our Team

Meet the people who make Larkin Street what it is, and learn more about how you can join us!

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