Thank you Lyft for featuring our very own Sherilyn Adams in your Women’s History Month series. In March, Lyft offered discounted rides to places honoring women’s contributions to our history as well as to select women-owned businesses. Sherilyn chose The Tenderloin Museum as one of the places to celebrate for Women’s History Month.

Here is an excerpt:

“When Larkin Street Youth Services opened our drop-in center in the Tenderloin, I felt a sense of responsibility to honor the history of the Tenderloin, as well as be an active part of their community. When I first came to the museum, I felt wrapped in the history of everything I could see and who was in this part of the city. The way the museum countered all of the messages we get about the Tenderloin allowed me to think about the community in a positive way.”

For more, read the full piece from Lyft Blog.