Thanks to EdSource for writing about a study done by the University of Chicago called Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in America. This study is one of the most accurate ever because it’s based on phone surveys. Typical surveys on homelessness are done through schools which could result in inaccuracy due to factors like families’ reluctance to be truthful and young people’s tendencies to drift in and out of homelessness.

Our very own Sherilyn Adams explained the importance of this new data:

“What’s significant about this study is that it gives us long-needed data about the prevalence of youth homelessness. And the numbers are huge — they’re wholly unacceptable,” she said. “This tells us there is a daunting need that we all need to take seriously. If you know a kid who’s sleeping on someone’s couch, you should get involved.”

For more, read the article from EdSource.