Our executive director, Sherilyn Adams, discusses youth homelessness in this podcast with San Francisco City Insider’s Heather Knight. In this episode, Sherilyn debunks the common myth that young people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco are from outside of California.

Here is a quote from Sherilyn:

“There’s a myth that people come from far away that doesn’t bear itself out in the data for young people. It doesn’t bear itself out in the data for adults. That being said, there are some people who moved to our city because they wanted to live in a place that they thought would celebrate who they were, that they thought was a land of opportunity for them, a chance to work in a great place, a chance to be in a beautiful place– the same reason that so many of us who are not from here are here.” 

For more, listen to the full episode from San Francisco City Insider.