We are so proud of our young people for finding the courage to share their experiences of homelessness in San Francisco.

Five Larkin Street young people were featured in the very first Youth Issue of Street Sheet this month. Street Sheet is a publication run by San Francisco’s Coalition on Homelessness, which focuses on supporting people experiencing homelessness from attacks on their rights while advocating for permanent solutions.

Street Sheet’s first Youth Issue was created for and by young people experiencing homelessness. Its goal is to shine some light on the struggles these young people face.

Street Sheet also gives a detailed overview of the root Causes of Youth Homelessness in San Francisco, click here to read it.

Thank you Street Sheet for giving our young people the chance to tell their stories!



Stranger in my own land: Growing up Homeless in San Francisco

by Anubi Daugherty









Nicolas: “Getting here did not come without struggle”

by Nicolas









Zak Franet: From Street Politics to Public Policy

by Zak Franet










[Poetry] Hablo: “Frustrated”

by Hablo














[Poetry] Taylor: “These People” and “Least Favorite Things”

by Taylor Halston